Values: Spiritual Warfare

15 July at Bedfordview, Craig Herbert speaks about the topic of “spiritual warfare”.

Values: Spiritual Warfare

15 July 2018 at Rosebank. Nathan Gernetzky looks at the question: What is the Biblical approach to spiritual warfare?

Spiritual Victories: The Sword of Truth

by Sonja Long
28 September 2016 at Key Women Bedfordview

Spiritual Victories

by  Heidi Strong
10 August 2016 at Bedfordview

Spiritual Warfare: The Belt of Truth

by Sonja Long
11 May 2016 at KEY WOMEN Bedfordview

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Q&A With RT Kendall and Michael Eaton

By RT Kendall & Michael Eaton
20 May 2014
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A Q&A session with RT Kendall and Michael Eaton. Some of the questions asked covered topics such as:

  • Binding and loosing
  • Spiritual Warfare
  • Inheritance
  • Assurance of salvation (can sin stop us from going to heaven?)
  • Homosexuality
  • Violence in the Old Testament
  • Polygamy
  • Church tradition (Peter, in particular)
  • And others



We Are in a Battle

TITLE: We Are in a Battle
PREACHER: Tyrone Daniel
DATE: 13 May 2012 – Sunday PM

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