Children’s Church: How to Build

This week at Children’s Church, in keeping with the theme of Building God’s Kingdom, we started to look at how to build. Any builder will confirm that the foundation of the building is absolutely important. The same applies to our lives and the church. What are we building our lives on? What is our foundation? This week we looked at building our lives on God’s Word, the Bible.

Our Part

Our focus this week was to explore the Bible and to remind our children, and ourselves, how important the Bible is to us. We looked at the story of the two houses, one built on the sand and the other built on the rock. Jesus teaches us that to build our house on the rock and be secure when difficulties come means that we need to build our lives on His teachings, His Word, the Bible. We also did a little Bible quiz with the children (don’t worry, there were no failures and no one will be kept back a year!).

Your Part

There are a few great things you can do. Let your children see you reading your Bible. If they see you read your Bible and sense that it is important to you, then they will believe its importance when you tell them. Read Bible stories to them. Read from their Children’s Bible so they know the stories are in their Bible. Try to get your children to act out Bible stories as you tell it to them. It is a fun way for them to remember the story and see it in a different way. Through any means, we need to teach our children that the Bible speaks perfect truth, it is our means of hearing God and knowing Him more. Help your children see the valuable treasure the Bible truly is.

– The Children’s Church team

Hearing God

God fills the universe. Therefore when it comes to hearing His voice, the problem is with us and not Him – He is speaking all the time!

Knowing God

By Shane Rielly
29 June 2014 at Bedfordview PM
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