The Exchange (Ian McKellar)

Ian McKellar (from Church of Joy in Singapore, and on the NCMI team) shares about how business and the marketplace and God’s Kingdom intersect.

You can download the Q&A session that happened at the end here.

The Exchange: Shifting Investment and Capital Flow into the Kingdom, with Patrick Kuwana

Patrick Kuwana shares on shifting investment and capital flow into the Kingdom at our Exchange Business Breakfast.

Patrick is the CEO and founder of Crossover Transformation, which focuses on value co-creation through building co-operative platforms of thinking and innovation to enable business, economic growth and acceleration. He has extensive experience working in transformational projects globally, and entrepreneurship in Africa and Asia.

Check out his LinkedIn profile here.

The Exchange: Kingdom Meets Workplace

What does your job have to do with God’s kingdom? How can you bring glory to God through your job? Is there a bigger call to the 8 – 5?

The Exchange 2017 Year-End, with Brad Sadler

High-flying Durban banker, Brad Sadler was convicted of fraud and corruption totalling R70 million and was sentenced to four years in prison.

So we thought it would be a great idea to have him come and speak at our Exchange business forum event on 1 December, 2017.

Why? Because something changed. Something gave Brad a completely different look on life? So much so, that Brad now travels the country to warn others on the pitfalls of corruption in the business world. He has a saying “CRIME DOES PAY – be careful who does the paying. I pay every single day of my life”. He now spends his time telling people on the outside, including corporate employees and their wide-eyed bosses, why he spent time on the inside.

So what was it that changed? Hear Brad’s electrifying story of how he went from being a high-flying banker to an inmate, and yet was restored to his family, and himself, in the end.

Brad has shared his incredible story all over the world, from boardrooms to community centres, schools and universities, encouraging people to rise above their circumstances and have faith in God’s plan for their lives.

Download or play the recording below.

Leaving Woundedville

Keir Tayler speaks at the Exchange business breakfast, about “leaving Woundedville”.

3 August 2017 at The Exchange.

The Exchange Breakfast – Life Stories

Marcus Herbert shares with Us at the Business breakfast.

7 July 2017 at The Exchange.

The Exchange Life Stories: Dave & Louella Humphrey

Dave & Louella Humphrey talk about where God is in the storm.

2 June 2017 at The Exchange.

The Exchange – 7 April, 2017 (RSVP)

We’re excited about our new series, “Life Stories” at The Exchange. We need to know that God has called us to the workplace and intends to do amazing things through us. We know this because he has already done it through so many of us already. As we hear the “Life Stories” of ordinary people who have been used by God, we’ll be inspired and encouraged to know God will work through us as well.

At our last Exchange we heard Casper Versluis’ story. Come and hear Bill Taylor at our next Exchange.


If you’re not eating, you don’t need to RSVP.


The King & His Kingdom: Building on the Rock

by Greg Mc Alpine
5 August 2016 at The Exchange
Part of the King and His Kingdom series

DOWNLOAD THE MP3 (Right-click and choose ‘save link as’)