The Heart of Leadership

This six-part course unpacks the heart of leadership – the very core of what it’s about and how it’s done.

Deacons Training

Church leadership, biblically speaking, is profoundly simple. But our own traditions and methods of building outside of God’s pattern have confused this subject a great deal.

Jesus is building His church and He builds it according to His pattern, not ours. In this booklet we explore the subject of deaconship – what does it mean to be a deacon? What do deacons do? What are the qualifications of a deacon?

Download the course booklet in your preferred format below:

Life Groups: Living in the Kingdom from House to House

What does the Bible say about Life Groups – small groups of believers gathering regularly at homes?

Our Bible Study on Life Groups is now also available for download as two manuals in PDF form – one manual for leaders and one for the Priesthood. These you can read on your iPad / Kindle / PC / smartphone or any device that supports PDF (most devices).

Click here to download Life Groups: For Leaders

Click here to download Life Groups: For the Priesthood

You can download all the audio files and read all the transcripts online, as well as download each transcript individually, at this link.