Nepal Equip 2014

We’re heading to Kathmandu, Nepal for the Nepal Equip 2014. Bill Tayler is leading this trip.

The dates:

EQUIP is 22 – 24 September
We’re doing a Youth Equip on 25 September (If you are over 30 you are still welcome to attend this).

Each day of the Equip will have two morning sessions and two afternoon sessions.


What to do about Visas and accommodation? And how will the trip run? And what can you expect?

Bill has put together a document outlining everything you need to know – DOWNLOAD IT HERE.



Relationships Deepened in Kenya

by Ryan Strydom

Recently Marcus, Shaun and Ian spent two weeks in Kenya working with churches there that we have had long-standing partnerships with. Report-backs from the guys have been encouraging and it seems there is wonderful fruit being borne on that side of the world.

In general, there are a number of challenges in Kenya that are quite different to what we experience here in South Africa. The challenges really revolve around there often being a lot of religion but very little genuineness.

For example, Christianity is very popular and it’s not uncommon to see business names like “Holy Spirit Chemist” or “Glory Hallelujah Hairdressers” but the reality of relationships and the depth of faith can often be somewhat shallow. There is also a frequent problem where people are looking for finances more than they’re looking for relationships.

But now something new is happening. We’re starting to see the rising of something greater and a new appreciation of a New Testament reality. Our partnerships with the guys in Kenya, and our love for each other, has become so authentic and real. This is a wonderful encouragement!

The trip started with the annual EQUIP time, a three day affair that also saw five couples released to the NCMI team. This was a fantastic moment and there is a lot of excitement around the partnering that is taking place. There was also such a sweetness and depth of God’s presence there which was truly wonderful.

The EQUIP time had a focus on the King and the Kingdom and guys were very excited about the Gospel and the Gospel alone, keeping the main thing the main thing.

Roger and Tanya Warren also spent some time in Nairobi, creating a base from which we can work from there, while Shaun spent some extra time in Nakuru and Ian spent some time in Mombasa.

Relationships were deepened yet again in both Nakuru and Mombasa. We’ve been working into the places mentioned above as well as Lodwar, Kakuma, Lokichoggio, Awendo and Kitali, all up further north.

At one point Shaun preached on “Walking With the Spirit”, which he also preached last night at Central Cornerstone. You can download that here at the website. Worth a listen!

During the time at Mombasa, Ian and Bernie felt there needed to be a focus on the Priesthood of All Believers – encouraging the guys that everyone needs to be involved, the church is not just about pastors or the few doing the work. You can hear all about that in his challenging preach yesterday morning entitled, “A Fruitful Faith Journey”, which can be downloaded here at the website.

Kenya, along with Tanzania, Zanzibar and Lesotho, is a key area that we as a church are working in. Keep your ear to the ground and your eye on our various communication channels if you would like to join in on the next Kenya trip. These trips have a way of truly blessing those that go in many ways and it’s great to be doing what Jesus commanded us to do: go to the nations with the Gospel.

Fruitful Lesotho GTT Trip

Written by Ryan Strydom

This last weekend (12 – 14 August, 2011), Mark Meeske and a team headed towards the area of Mokhotlong in Lesotho to facilitate and lead the Geographical Training Time (GTT) that took place there. (For those that don’t know, a GTT is very much like an EQUIP time in Johannesburg except it focuses on the region and takes place over a few days.)

The team was made up of fourteen individuals from Cornerstone, eight of which were the Life Team.

After a ten hour drive to Mokhotlong, the team had supper together with the local leaders on the Friday night to connect. It was then off to an early start on the Saturday morning in a Youth Centre just outside of town. The morning consisted of training and there were about fifty to sixty local folk that came through.

After lunch it was time to do some door-to-door evangelism in the village close by. The local guys and the Cornerstone team headed off to invite others to a late afternoon / evening meeting which was to focus on healing, God’s presence and power.

The meeting indeed saw many breakthroughs as the team preached about signs and wonders and prayed for the sick. There were a great deal many evidences of God’s power which was all quite encouraging.

Sunday morning the team split into two to visit two local churches. The original plan was to visit the four relating churches in the area but this unfortunately couldn’t be done due to the team only having one vehicle.

Mark preached at the one church while Casper Versluis and Kyle McClean preached at the other. The morning was quite fruitful and the team packed up at 1pm and got home around 10pm.

There are four churches which we relate to in the area and throughout the years we have seen a lot of growth and life in these churches. Still, we’re really praying to see more churches established there and also more churches relating to the team so that we can work much more effectively into Lesotho. This is a key prayer point alongside the constant challenge of poverty the churches face there.

The next trip to Lesotho is planned for the weekend of 11 – 13 November. This time we’ll probably go to Maseru (the capital of Lesotho). It will also be a GTT. Chat to Mark if you would like to join in the trip. If you would like to call him you can at the church office number, 011-616-4083 or email Alternatively, have a chat to him at one of the Sunday or Wednesday meetings.