Values: Covenantal Marriage

We value marriage in the Kingdom. Why? This is why.

Values: Faithful Persistence

Marcus Herbert speaks on the value of faithful persistence.

Values: Biblical Leadership

Craig Herbert shares on the value of Biblical Leadership.

Values: Jesus Our Lord and Saviour

14 October at Bedfordview. Craig Herbert speaks about how we value Jesus as both our Lord and Saviour, as part of our Kingdom Values series.

Values: A Heart for the Poor

Marcus Herbert speaks about having a heart for the poor, as part of our series on Kingdom values.

Values: Developing a Culture

30 September, 2018 at Bedfordview. Marcus speaks about developing a Kingdom culture.

Values: Sacrificial Living

23 September, 2018 at Bedfordview. Greg Matarrelli looks at the value of sacrificial living.

Values: Finances – Stewardship

Sunday, 16 September at Bedfordview. Josh Benge talks about stewardship, as part of our “mini-series” on finances in our larger series on Kingdom values.

Values: Financial Freedom (Obedience)

Sunday morning, 2 September. Marcus Herbert speaks about the financial freedom behind obedience in tithing as part of our series on Kingdom values.