Children’s Church Reflection (20 November)

In society today, to meet someone with regards to business, or to see a doctor, or even to meet a friend socially, you generally need to make an appointment. People are so busy that we never feel able to just meet them. Sadly, we sometimes apply this same belief to how we meet with God. We often think that we need to make appointments with God in order to meet with Him. Sometimes we think God is too busy to meet with us and therefore we don’t make the effort to be with Him.

It was therefore important for us to learn this Sunday that God is always available and we can meet with Him at any time, in any place.

Our Part

We looked at how God is always available for us to speak to Him and call on Him. He is never too busy for us. But sometimes we get too busy for God. We looked at the story of Jesus visiting Mary and Martha. As the story teaches, sometimes we act like Martha where we believe that our busyness is a way to worship God whereas Jesus reminds us that He prefers us to respond more like Mary, where we sit at Jesus’ feet and listen to Him.

We looked at the busy life our children live and encouraged them to make time with God more important that their busy lives. Living in a busy city, our children need to learn to worship God above all else and seeing their time with God more valuable than their busy lives.

Your Part

Again, the best part you can play is to be an example. Our children need to see us as parents prioritise our time with God. And make this time family time too. Help your children manage their busy lives and arrange their priorities. Remind them that God is available always. What an incredible truth to live with.

– Greg, Nicole & the Children’s Church team

Children’s Church Reflection (1 Nov 2016)

As we continue to discuss and learn how to truly worship God, this Sunday our focus was on worshipping God with our bodies. It is amazing to see how children use their bodies to display their thoughts and emotions. If a child is angry, they stamp on the floor or roll on the ground. If a child is excited, they might spin around or literally jump for joy. Children use their bodies to express themselves and they use their bodies in worship too. Children love the opportunity to learn actions to worship God or to remember a verse from the Bible. Witnessing this made this lesson really fun to teach.

Our Part
The message was simply that we can use all of who we are to worship God. We can jump, clap, dance, spin or run to worship God. We can worship God in our everyday actions that are part of our daily routines. We can also worship God in sitting silently and thinking about God and His wonder. But in all of these ways, we still emphasised that above the many actions or use of our body, we must make sure our hearts are worshipping God. If our hearts are not in a place of worship before God, then our actions can turn out to be just simple exercise.

We looked at some of the Hebrew terms from the Bible that teach us different ways of worshipping God too. You can view these in our curriculum if you like.

Your part
Your part stays the same: enjoy worship with your children. Be the example and also learn from your children. See them dance and move and sing freely – and enjoy it.

Some children created their own songs that are simply amazing. Their lyrics are so honest and heartfelt towards God. Ask your child to sing their song if they made one. Some children made some instruments. Listen beyond the noise and see a heart in worship.

– The Children’s Church team

Children’s Church Reflection – 23 October

We continued this week with our series, A Heart of Worship. Our focus was on how everything that has breath is called to worship God. We checked and yes, our children and teachers do have breath – and so they are called to worship God. Why? We worship God because He deserves it.

Our Part
As mentioned, our hope this week was to show what scripture teaches us about worship, and one of the key lessons is that everything that has breath must praise the Lord (Psalm 150:6). We have approximately 23,040 breaths a day. To apply this scripture another way, we are called to worship God with every breath we have and that means that we can worship Him all of the time. Our children learnt that they can worship God from morning to evening, whether they are eating or doing homework, when they are on the sports field or about to go to sleep. They can worship God all of the time.

Your part
Do your children see you as a worshipper or is that only seen on Sunday mornings at Church? Have your children ever seen you worshipping God? Be the best example to your children, not because it benefits your children but rather because it benefits you to worship God. Your relationship with God will grow and that is our emphasis too with our children – to see that their relationship with Jesus grows. Create times and ways for you to worship with your children. Allow God to be acknowledged in all that you do. Find joy in worshipping God and let that be seen by your family so that they can want it too.

Don’t forget the memory verses each week and to keep collecting your medical sticker.

– The Children’s Church team

Children’s Church – Term 4 begins

This Sunday, you may have arrived at Cornerstone thinking you somehow landed up at a casualty ward with all of the doctors and nurses roaming around. Well, you were at the right place, and those incredible doctors and nurses were our Children’s Church teachers prepared to teach on this term’s topic, The Heart of Worship. The idea is that we need to check our heart and body to see how with everything, we can worship God.

Our Part
This week we started off looking at why we worship God. We looked at who He is, what He has done, and we realised that He is worthy of our worship. As the term unfolds, we will look at how we can worship God with a true, real worship that scripture teaches us and that God deserves.

Your Part
Firstly, try to download the curriculum to use at home. We only see your children for two hours a week, and so you need to continue with the lesson throughout the week. Speak to your children about worship, about why we do it and why we worship God. Look at scripture in the Bible. Try to read a Psalm together as a family and talk about it. And don’t forget to remember the memory verse.

This term each child will receive an “immunisation chart” and each week they will receive a sticker to check off what they have learnt. Even our Grade 7s are excited about the idea of collecting stickers.

Enjoy the term. There are some new teachers leading this term. Try to meet them.

We are looking forward to the journey!

– The Children’s Church team

Bear Much Fruit

by Marcus Herbert
24 July 2016 at Bedfordview AM


by Phil Quinn
8 May 2016 at Bedfordview PM

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Church Life: Worship

by Nathan Gernetzky
28 June 2015 at Bedfordview AM

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By Alan Parfitt
12 September 2014 at NCMI Gauteng Connect
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By Francois van der Merwe
9 June 2014 at Bedfordview PM
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TITLE: Worship
PREACHER: Craig Herbert
DATE: 29 SEPTEMBER 2013 – Sunday AM

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