The Exchange – 10 May

Hidden Treasures

Beyond Spiritual Silence
with Anton Tjabring

This Friday (10 May) is The Exchange as we continue with our series, Hidden Treasures. Anton Tjabring will be sharing on the topic, Beyond Spiritual Silence.

Sometimes Christians find themselves in the darkness of spiritual silence. This is when the heavens seem silent and we feel that God no longer directs us. We’re not conscious of any sin, we pray and read the Scriptures daily, but nothing we do seems to bring guidance for the next step forward.

Is this where you are at the moment? Take heart – there are treasures to be found even in this darkness.

You can also now download Hennie Cronjé’s talk at last month’s Exchange, Loss of Finance, here.

The Exchange

Friday, 10 May
At Cornerstone Church Bedfordview
6:00am: Coffee
6:30am: Prompt Start
Followed by a delicious breakfast

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