The Exchange – 7 December

with Greg Mc Alpine

The Exchange for 7 December and Greg Mc Alpine will be sharing on Running the Race.

This is the last Exchange for the year and what a great year it’s been. We’re looking forward to what 2013 will bring. Keep your eyes on our communication channels for when we’ll launch in 2013.

We’ve had some excellent speakers this year that have inspired us and provided us with brilliant tools in our callings to the market place. The topics covered this year were:

  • February : Making the Most of Life – Come Sailing – Gregg Mc Alpine
  • March: Set the atmosphere for the series with “Making it in the Market Place without Losing in Life” – Anton Tjarbring
  • April: Don’t Settle for Being “Money Rich Time Poor” – Gregg Mc Alpine
  • May 12: Believe the Job You Do Makes a Difference – Andrew Mildenhall
  • June: Playing to your Strengths Find your Factor X – Casper Versluis
  • July: Believe in the Power of Dreams – Bill Taylor
  • August: Put Your Family Before your Career – Louella Humphrey
  • September: Keepin the Common Touch – Trevor Howcroft
  • October: Presented Paradigm Shift – Allister Long and Jed
  • November: Don’t Settle for Success: Make a Difference – Strive for Significance – Hennie Cronje
  • December: Running the Race | Hebrews 12 – Gregg Mc Alpine
Look out for Entrepreneurs Training next year on 19 January!
Exchange Market Place Groups

The Exchange doesn’t just run on the first Friday of the month but also every week and often during the day (during lunch hour and so forth) in what we call Market Place Groups. If you’re interested in joining such a group or would like to facilitate one of your own, contact

Donate to The Exchange

If you would like to donate towards The Exchange and any of its initiatives, you can deposit into the following bank account:

Bank: FNB
Exchange Money Market
Branch Code: 250655

The Exchange

Friday, 7 December
At Cornerstone Church Bedfordview
6:00am: Coffee
6:30am: Prompt Start
Followed by a delicious breakfast

Contact us or click here to find out more about The Exchange.

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