Ukwakha Isizwe Newsletter – May 2014

This is the first Newsletter for Ukwakha Isizwe Foundation (UIF) for 2014. Ukwakha Isizwe is our social upliftment partner.

Every charity is always in need of support and Ukwakha Isizwe is no different. For every amount over R100.00 Ukwakha Isizwe makes out an 18A certificate which allows the donor to subtract that value from their taxable earnings. In the case of a business, it also counts towards your BEE score on Social Development, as UIF has a certificate to prove that more than 75% of the recipients are black people.

Ukwakha Isizwe is proud of the fact that the funds are used for the intended recipient, not for administration costs. It has grown wonderfully over the last four years but the need in our beautiful country continues to overwhelm them. With your support it is able to impact many little lives and so make our world a better place.

For details on how to donate, go to this page.

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