Updates from Keir and Callie Tayler’s Apostolic Trip

Keir and Callie Tayler’s apostolic trip around the world – February to April, 2014

Feb 18-23 – Abu Dhabi, www.cornerstoneabudhabi.com
Feb 24-28 – Bahrain, www.riversbahrain.com
Mar 5-Apr 17 – Canada and USA
5-10 Mar – Misissauga Toronto www.redhillchurch.ca
11-17 Mar – Misissagua Toronto www.lifehousechurch.ca
19-24 Mar – Pickering Toronto www.thebridge-can.com
25-31 Mar – Vancouver www.tccvictoria.com
1-7 April – Nainamo www.oceansidechurch.ca
8-14 April – Redding USA

Feb 18-23 – Abu Dhabi

Hi everyone,

We are in Abu Dhabi still awaiting Keir’s visa for Bahrain. They lost the first application and so now trying again. In the meantime we are ‘forced’ to rest up, which has been good. We had such a wonderful time in the church here and really saw God do what no man can do. Hope you have received the testimony of the guy that got healed, walked from the wheelchair and was immediately baptised in the pool. We stand in awe of our great God. The church has been greatly encouraged and equipped.

Loads of love
Two traveling T’s; K+C

Feb 24-28 – Bahrain

Hi everyone,

Just heard the guys in Bahrain cannot get a visa for Keir. So we are staying extra time here in Abu Dhabi @ Cornerstone Church, and they are so excited to have us again. “Man plans his ways, God directs the steps…”

The church here have been so amazingly responsive to the word of God and really pushing in to what The Holy Spirit is doing. Also this weekend there is a gathering of churches around “The New wine” – an overflow from John Wimber, involving main-line churches and hosted by the Anglican Church. Amazingly there are 160 church gatherings in AD; 80 within labor camps and 80 without. The Anglican Church is considered by the Emiratees as the main representative.

Feedback from Newday in Westrand, Jannes Labuscagne reported:

“Hi Keir, great to hear what God is doing trough you guys!! We’ve had our biggest attendance ever, this last Sunday and are certainly seeing a whole lot of momentum in different areas of the church. Please share with is about some of the things that God is doing that side, so we can keep stirring our people’s faith this side…..”

Love to you all

11-17 Mar – Misissagua Toronto

Hi everyone,

We are in Mississauga Toronto with Lifehouse church. This is the third time we are in the church and this evening was the first of the five sessions we have with them. They are a growing church in the community with a real passion for people. We ministered to the elders of a church in Pickering Toronto yesterday and as the evening drew to a close there were quite a few tears and hearts crying out for revival.

Next week we will be traveling to Halifax, in Nova Scotia (New Scotland). This is a new church for us to be in and they are sooo excited that we could come. It is a two hour flight east of Toronto.

On Wednesday evening in a prayer meeting at the Bridge Church in Pickering a word was brought to Callie and I:

“The motto on our coat of arms in Latin means ‘from sea to sea,’ taken from Ps. 72:8: ‘May he rule from sea to sea and from the River to the ends of the earth.’ Feeling that as K&C travel across this country from east to west, they are fulfilling our country’s motto, proclaiming Christ’s rule across the nation. [Also – “from the River to the ends of the earth” – the southern border of much of eastern Canada is the St. Lawrence River, and Canada extends up to the Arctic Circle.]”

So it is with great expectation we go to Halifax in the East and minister throughout this land of Canada.

We will keep you posted. Missing you and our love to you all.

Keir and Callie

11-17 Mar – Misissagua Toronto

We so miss you all and wonder how the weekend went.

We talk about Cornerstone everywhere we are and so many names come up from our church as many know, remember or have family in the church.

Well we have spent considerable time with a church -Lifehouse – and had five meetings with them and they have been hugely encouraged. In having a lunch and a chat with a couple who have moved up from Brazil to Lifehouse Church shared this with us:

“A friend of mine heard that one of his friends had died suddenly and she was  already in the morgue to his surprise. So he went to the morgue and asked the officials if he could pray for her. He got permission and so set about praying for her. He said “(her name) come back, I rebuke the spirit of death”. She did, she opened her eyes and began to breathe … Not only her but another eight other dead people came to life in the same room. This rocked our city and caused many people to come to churches all over the city.”

I have never heard of such a testimony.

Today we set off as a surprise leg of our trip to Halifax on the East Coast. We didn’t make Bahrain and we didn’t plan Halifax … God has. So we are expectant and looking forward to making new friends. We will tell you news of this before the weekend.

Love to you all.

Keir and Callie

11-17 Mar – Halifax

Hi Everyone,

We arrived at Halifax and it was snowing and -6C …. Love it!!!

We send this to you as it is simply an amazing write-up on “apostolic relationships” put in print in such a wonderful way. As Mike Hanchett  often gets us to say – “its not about me”, and it’s not about us  – it’s about Him.

This could be written about any one of us. I share it with you as it is a “summary” about what Cornerstone Church is about. We do it together.

By the way those eight dead raising was in a city in Brazil.

Do You Believe In Miracles?
Written by Mark Ellwood

Ephesians 4:11
“It was he who gave some to be apostles, some to be prophets, some to be evangelists, some to be pastors and teachers, to equip the saints for the work of the ministry.”

It is with much excitement and anticipation that we once again welcome to The Bridge;  Keir and Callie Tayler. I can’t think of anything more Jesus exalting than to be equipped to carry on His work on this earth. No matter in what arena God chooses to use you, us, together. Living in a fallen world that is crying out for reality. A world where the supernatural of the divine Spirit of God will overcome the natural, and God in His grace and mercy chooses to use earthen vessels like Keir, Callie, you and me to accomplish His purposes WOW.

Our friendship with them spans two decades, so they come by invitation, not as a guest speakers or an unknown faces, but as family to impart and impact “ The Bridge” and our community.

Having recently completed our “Equip Time” on“Discovering Your Spiritual Gift”.  They come as a gift (doma), a recognized Ephesians 4 gift, to our shores, and we receive them as such.

It is with much excitement and anticipation of what our mighty God will do, reveal, encourage, equip and strengthen through this amazing couple.

Matthew 10:41
“The one who receives a prophet because he is a prophet will receive a prophet’s reward, and the one who receives a righteous person because he is a righteous person will receive a righteous person’s reward.”

I believe that even as we accept them, or as scripture states in the ESV translation; “receive”them, we will receive the due reward. My faith is taking an extra ordinary leap to partner with what God intends for us. Faith is not a feeling but a gift of God.

Bridget and I have had the privilege of traveling and ministering side by side, with Keir and Callie, and on one occasion, on our return was asked to report to a group of pastors. They asked “what did you do?”. With pure naivety, I replied we preached the gospel, and blind eyes were opened, deaf ears heard and the cripples walked. Increduous to say the least, thereafter their faith was increased and I was able to lay hands and pray for healing which took place, as faith was released and increased.

We  have put time aside for Keir and Callie to minister a body of truth, to build with them, and hear what is on God’s heart for us. To exalt the name of Jesus and bring glory and honour to His name. They will be with us March 19th – 23rd.

They hail from South Africa, and continue to travel extensively throughout the world ministering the gospel of Good News with signs and wonders following.

Looking ahead into 2014, and the promises of God of an inheritance year, individually and as the Bridge family. We want to march boldly forward into the more of what we firmly believe God has for us

I encourage you to take hold of this amazing opportunity to join in with us, be equipped, and prepared for “the work of the ministry”, that God has laid ahead for each one of us.

These are hands across the waters strengthening one another.

As a thought to ignite a flame within you….

Do you believe in miracles?

17 March – return from Halifax

Hi Everyone,

We have returned from Halifax where we had input to a church there called Anchor City Church.

Halifax lies opposite another town called Dartmouth, and between these two cities, in Nova Scotia is the deepest natural harbour in the world. An amazing sight. Monster ships cruise in to offload cargo. A military base nearby and even expansion of another port underway.

Well we gathered with the church for two nights in an amazing venue and spoke to those who came. There weren’t many as it was at short notice and ‘spring-break’ was starting. However, our Lord was ever encouraging and healing. Three salvations on the first night and healing – one person had stage one diabetes and reported that his sugar levels had remained normal for the duration of our time there. He was sooo excited about it. He brought friends the second night, …. that’s evangelising.

Keir met two other leaders in the city and had a good time with them – sharing what we had done over the years and about our home base church.

In summary, the leaders of Anchor City church, Dan and Katie, were so encouraged that we would take time to come to them and lift up arms. For us it is always a huge privilege.

We will be with Redhill Church in Milton, Toronto for the weekend. Jaco and Kathy Maree who lead the church were home cell leaders of ours in the 90’s; when we were pastors in a church in Pinetown.

Love to you all

1-7 AprilNainamo

Hi dear friends,

Our adventures in God is coming to an end soon; we have just finished doing Facelift with Oceanside church here run by Mike  and Debs Graves (old friends of ours from the 90s when we were pastors with City of Life Church in Pinetown). Recently added to Oceanside are Russel and Glyn Eels from Pietermaritzburg whom we met in India many years ago so it was SO nice connecting with old friends. They are a huge gift to Oceanside church.

The meetings started on Thursday, Friday, Sunday and during that time people were saved. Mike tells us that it is so hard to get people out of darkness into the light so we were delighted when the first night a man was saved.  On Sunday morning there were quite a few salvations including the sister of a man who had lived in the same town for seven years and yet they had seen each other twice over that period.  He was weeping as she confessed Jesus as her Savour. The church was overjoyed with the response to the gospel although Keir had to work hard to pull them out of darkness into the light Jn 3:19. Probably at least 6 brand new souls. We rejoice at how God reconciled families and friends and did what only He can do healing and breaking chains.

We go to Victoria this week to Trinity church which has just been taken over by Mark and Jen duToit. Funnily enough they met each other when Jen decided to come on a trip to Africa after Keir had been to Nanaimo many years ago.  It is our last week before we go to spend a week with our beloved Pete and Lisa and granddaughters at Bethel in California.
Will report on that event later. Meanwhile our dearest love to you all.

In Him.


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