What Life Team is Like: Gareth van der Merwe

Thinking about – or know someone who’s thinking about – doing Cornerstone’s Life Team next year? Gareth van der Merwe was a part of the Life Team in 2009. Here’s something of what he experienced.

“For me, Life team was such a change in life style. Throughout my high school career I was unsure of what I wanted to do after school. My parents decided that studying was best for me, so I tried that for two years and dropped out due to a lack of motivation. Then I worked in a bar for two years and also grew out of that.

“I had only been saved for two months before I decided to take what I thought would be a “gap year”. Man was I wrong! Life Team allowed for no lazying around at all! Although I was one of the oldest in the team, God matured me in so many ways.

“Life team for me was a testing time mentally, physically and especially spiritually. It was one of the most significant years in my life and I loved it even though, at times, it was hard. I would recommend it to anyone that’s able to do it!”

Find out more about Life Team here.

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